When I was younger, I don’t remember looking at other girls’ outfits or magazines to inspire what I should wear. I remember choosing my outfits based on what made me feel the spunkiest, and that was it. I didn’t think about whether my outfit was “on trend” or “in style” because I wore what made me feel confident. Whether I was stringing my hair with beads I had collected in art class, or rockin’ my Big Dog boxers over my favorite pair of jeans, I loved expressing my personality through my clothes. And I never questioned whether it was the right or wrong way to do fashion.


Now, I have to admit…I’ve grown to become more influenced by fashion trends. I care a little more about what people think, what other people are wearing, and I don’t string art class beads in my hair as often as I used to. I can feel myself wondering whether my clothes are “in style” or “trendy”, and I’m tempted to incorporate the latest trends into my closet. Not because the look resonates with me, but because I’m told I should. Realizing this, I’m reminded that duplicating a look isn’t what I love about fashion. It’s quite the opposite. That’s why I created Twila Ray - to share with others what gives me a passion for fashion.


Fashion is a form of expression. It’s a non-verbal message to those around us. Expressing ourselves shouldn’t be something we copy, or follow, or keep up on. Fashion should be playful, make us excited, and give us confidence that we can do anything. Think about it – what makes an outfit “so you”? Why is it that some of us wear a red leather jacket and think “Damn, I look good!” while others feel like a fish out of water just by looking at it? It’s because our style reflects something that’s on the inside. It’s an opportunity to show off what makes us feel creative, confident, and comfortable.


Twila Ray celebrates fashion that is fearless, unique, and unapologetic. My vision is to create something that goes beyond the tabloids, social media, and mainstream fashion and focuses more on what makes us unique. There’s value in the peculiar and creative style I had when I first started playing with fashion. I want to go back to that bold form of expression and not care about what the other kids will think. I want to tap into the inspiration that motivated me to wear something odd, uncommon, and 100% me. I’ve created this boutique to continue what younger Emmaline started, a celebration of being one of a kind.